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Counterstrain Technique

The Strain/Counterstrain Technique

Wait, how did you do that? We get that response from a lot of our patients.

Many of the manual physical therapy techniques that are performed in our clinic are ones that many of our patients may not have ever experienced. In many instances, patients have experienced a more aggressive "no pain, no gain" approach with an exercise-based atmosphere which has led them to believe that physical therapy may not work for them.

Our techniques are skilled, comfortable, problem specific and considered "indirect" techniques or ones in which the mobilization of the tissue is focused into a direction of ease rather than into a restriction. The restriction is often the protective guarding causing much of the pain one is experiencing. So pushing into it would seem counterproductive and uncomfortable in this philosophy.

Indirect techniques are more comfortable for the patient and physiologically very effective. The Counterstrain technique is just one of which we use to treat both the very basic and more complex biomechanical dysfunctions that may or may not be causing pain. It is believed that Counterstrain works via decompression of the pain and movement receptors which exist in the body's main connective tissue called fascia. Once slackened, these receptors are silenced (shut off) alleviating pain, relaxing tissue, and allowing trapped metabolites to dissipate. The result is decreased pain and protective guarding and improved joint motion and function.

"Strain and Counterstrain" was originally developed by an osteopathic physician, Lawrence Jones, DO, over a 40 year period starting in 1955. This revolutionary manipulation technique, the precursor to the modern Fascial Counterstrain, is an effective treatment for a variety of medical diagnoses.

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