Physical Therapy Specialists of Winchester, Inc.

817 Cedar Creek Grade, Suite 100
Winchester, VA 22601
 Work: (540) 450-8024           Fax: (540) 686-7201

About Us

Thank you for your interest in physical therapy and our practice. We are proud to be serving the community in our Winchester, VA location. Our team of practitioners have experiences in outpatient physical therapy ranging from four to 25 years of clinical practice. We have treated patients from all walks of life including high school, professional, and olympic athletes to the weekend warrior. We have helped individuals with chronic problems, work related injuries, motor vehicle accidents and post-operative elective surgeries. The age range of individuals in our clinic is varied which provides a comfortable and therapeutic environment for all of our patients looking to get well again. We are pleased that many of our patients have chosen us for the unique approach to care that we provide.

Prior Experiences in PT
Regardless of your experiences in physical therapy, we encourage you to visit our clinic or speak with one of our therapists regarding any questions you may have about physical therapy and your particular needs. Our goal is to help you meet your goals. We understand that you may have had different experiences in physical therapy, and we want to be sure you are comfortable with how we will be approaching your care.

Our Approach to Care
We prefer to evaluate our patients from an encompassing biomechanical approach. This includes looking at the body as a whole and realizing that your mechanism of injury, surgical procedures, and medical history all play a role in how your body is functioning and how it may be contributing to your problem or injury. We have found that our success in achieving good outcomes has been been greater with this type of approach because it is customized to you and not an off the shelf "cookie cutter" program.
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